Celery is using 100 years of combined design and policy knowledge to help you lead your good life at home.

Celery was founded by a ‘supergroup’ of healthcare designers and policy makers who believe that health and social care can be delivered in a different way. Celery has been formed to combine their expertise, enabling transformational changes based on their knowledge of good design and best practice.

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Celery timeline

Celery Health has developed a novel approach to providing adult social care which has evolved over a number of years and through a series of design projects. Below are the details of some of the projects which we feel reflect our key values as a company and what we have learnt works when building services for people not only patients.


Clearblue pregnancy test

In 1989, our founder Mike Pearson designed the Clearblue pregnancy test with Unilever. One of the first consumer devices to capture digital health data.


Persona Contraceptive system

Unilever commissioned Mike to continue research into health data leading to the development of the Persona contraceptive system.


Circles of Care

Orange, then a mobile phone leader commission research ‘defining Value Circles in health’. We identified clear, circular, overlapping patterns as to how health issues are addressed within family and community circles. We also identified the opportunity for new internet/digital technologies to enhance the Circle of Care by offering services that are tailored to fit any individual’s circles.


Department of Health research

The Research & Development Director of the Department of Health (DH) commissions a study from Celery into the mechanisms that ensure the beneficial use of health data.


Health For MySelf

Development of a Health ecosystem that uses feedback from multiple devices to improve an individual’s health and build novel epidemiological insights.



Mike helped design MonitorMe, a landline telephone complete with a number of sensors for the capture of vital signs.


Celery Health

Finally we arrive at Celery, our combination of service - supporting those in need of care - with device which accurately measures temperature,tracks health and spots exacerbations early.

The Team

Mike Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Mike is an internationally recognised health innovator with over 40 years of experience. Mike has been at the heart of developing the device and strategy at the core of the Celery service.

Sinead Brophy

Chief Customer Officer

Sinead is an award-winning digital and social entrepreneur who is a specialist 'Customer First, Digital by Default' adviser to public, commercial, Government and social sector organisations.

Ben Cobb

Chief Product Officer

Ben is a technologist who has worked in Healthcare innovation for more than 10 years. Ben has helped to bring numerous successful devices to market and is managing the manufacturing of the Celery device.

Tom Pearson

Chief Operations Officer

Tom is a designer and technologist with 10 years of experience building data driven platforms for Governments and a range of international organisations and stakeholders.

Extended Family

Professor Mike Catt

Director of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing

Dr Simon De Lusigan

Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics

Dr William Maton-Howarth

Research Advisor

Chris Evett

CEO of Simplexity Analysis

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