Helping you stay in your own home longer.

We have worked with customers and providers to identify the core requirements so rather than providing a prescriptive service we can build the exact support platform an individual or organisation needs.

The core of the Celery proposition consists of three main components:

Our Novel Device
The Family Portal
Add-on Services

The Celery Phone

The Celery phone has been designed to be as invisible as possible, fitting seamlessly into peoples lives and taking the burden of monitoring off the individual.

  • Captures temperature and respiration during a call, with heartrate to be added .
  • Bluetooth, WiFi and DECT enabled allow it to work seamlessly in any home.
  • Corded and cordless versions available for specific use cases such as Dementia.

The Celery phone has specifically been designed to retain the look and feel of a telephone to mean that there are very few barriers to use.

The Celery phone is capable of capturing multiple vital signs during a live telephone call. We are able to capture core temperature and respiration - two key metrics in enabling us to make an assessment of your current overall health.

The Family Portal

The Celery platform uses a series of algorithmically driven processes to map longitudinal health data over extended periods. Potential health issues can be spotted and addressed early, saving lives.

The Celery family portal, gives family access to view a customers support plans and health metrics.

This means they can stay in touch and up to date with care and support from a distance, providing oversight and transparency to the Celery process.

They are also able to record reverse answerphone messages - automated calls - which can act as reminders for medication or upcoming commitments.

Additional Services

Through Celery calls we are also able to provide access to a series of additional services to help you living at home independently.

We can provide:

  • A 24hr Conceirge service
  • Care & Support Brokerage services
  • Money Management services.

These additional services mean that we can grow with you as your requirements to staying at home become more complex.

For more information on the additional services Celery can provide, please get in touch with one of our advisors!